The MEC32 VVVF Panel


  The MEC32 Traction Lift controller utilises the same 32Bit processing power found in all of the MEC32 range to give outstanding performance from the simplest manual gate goods lift to sophisticated VVVF PM Gearless Lifts.

We offer three types of drive systems in the MEC32 Range to complement each type of lift operation and budget, The NXL VVVF system is our lower cost drive system for times of austerity, stripped of all the unnecessary bells and whistles the Vacon NXL Drive is an open loop drive only, The drive has software developed for lifts and has a simpler interface and is designed to give good open loop speed regulation for lower speed applications below 1m/s.  

The mid range drive is the Vacon NXP Drive for both open and closed loop operation, whilst still remaining competitive it is designed for lifts up to 1.6m/s in both geared and gearless operation. The drive has software developed for lifts and it's interface is in plain english with sophisticated algorithms for motor tuning and PM Motor operation.  

The mid to high speed drive we offer is the ZETADYN 3BF this is a frequency inverter developed especially for lift machines. It provides the highly sophisticated control for asynchronous machines as well as for the modern permanent magnet synchronous machines. The interface is intuative and is in "lift Jargon" to ease the setting up of the lift. This coupled with our ABS Encoder system give near direct to floor approach.  

Our commitment to quality in our MEC32 product has laid down the foundations of a solid reputation in safety and reliability, which can be seen both in the branded components we use, production techniques employed and after sales service. This coupled with pleasing aesthetics means from the moment you open the controller door you will appreciate the passion we have for our products.  

Optional Eco-Mode on the MEC32 to switch off elements of the controller and drives until the lift is totally shutdown, makes this the obvious choice for low power operation and the ever increasing demands on budgets for both refurbished and new traction lifts in today's modern world.  

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·         32 Bit M4K® MIPS® core processor.  

·         32 Floors, Simplex, Duplex and Group Operation.  

·         Large LCD screen with User Friendly, Intuitive interface for parameter changes.  

·         Full Fault Logging with 100 events and 50 faults.  

·         Super Accurate Real Time Clock with temperature compensation.  

·         Three different drive systems to suit your application and budget.  

·         Up to 3m/s Operation.  

·         Geared and gearless operation.  

·         Circuit Breakers as standard.  

·         Branded Controlgear and components.  

·         Temperature Monitoring.  

·         Interfaces Directly with Clearview TFT indicators and the SF750 dot matrix range of indicators.  

·         Encoder Positioning Option With 0.2mm Accuracy.  

·         Full Opto-Isolation, High voltage opto-isolation compliant to IEC60747-5  

·         EN81-Part1 A3 Compliant.  

·         Independently EMC tested.  

·         competitive pricing.  




ISO Standards

Digital Advanced Controls having been certified to ISO9001, ISO140001 and BSOHAS 180001 over 5 years ago are pleased to anounce certification to the ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 standard for Environmental Management and  ISO45001:2018 standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management.

As part of our quality commitment to our customers to manufacture in a safe and environmentally aware way, and we believe we are the first UK Lift controller manufacturer to achieve all three standards.

 Ensuring you purchase your control system from a committed safe and socially responsible company and team.

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  Free Delivery!

Here at Digital Advanced Control, we believe in giving you more controller for your money, not only do we provide a competitively priced  excellent product, manufactured from branded equipment with excellent backup, we now offer free delivery on control systems.

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 Major retail brands use our lift controllers

Digital Advanced Control has been gaining strong growth in the retail sector where competitive pricing coupled with reliability and safety is paramount to move passengers and stock around busy stores.

 Our lift controllers have been installed in  ASDA , Boots, Forever21 , H&M, McDonnalds, Morrisons, Superdrug, Sainsbury's Tesco, Waitrose, Wilkinson's and WHSmith's stores over the past 12 months both on refurbishment and new lift installations, with control panels installed in major shopping centres including 3 MRL lift control panels at the new Westfield site in Stratford city.