ABS Encoder System


 The MEC32 can be directly interfaced to our ABS encoder system, this gives direct position and speed feedback of the lift to the microprocessor. This is used to perform positioning of the lift, speed monitoring of the lift and relevelling of the lift. This MEC32 ABS encoder system gives absolute position feedback and does not need to correct itself within the shaft, the MEC32 ABS encoder system has an accuracy of 0.2 mm and can operate over 120m at 4 m/sec. The MEC32 ABS encoder system comprises of a silent toothed belt attached to the car operating a pulley system mounted in the shaft, the encoder gives the MEC32 via a SSI interface the position of the lift in the shaft, a self learn of the shaft completed on commissioning gives the absolute floor level positions of the lift, and the MEC32 then determines the slowdown and stopping positions of the lift. This can be adjusted on the processor directly, with settings in both metres and millimetres. The speed of the lift can also be monitored and the system can shut down in the case of over speeding, the lift moving in the wrong direction, no movement of the lift and also with the loss of the encoder itself. The MEC32 ABS encoder system can also initiate relevelling extremely accurately and depending on the quality of the hydraulic system used can achieve millimetre precision relevelling time after time. The MEC32 ABS encoder system can also accurately synchronise advanced door opening precisely at the exact same distance in both directions,and ensuring that the speed is below the recommended set level of 0.3 m/s before the doors open.


  •  Direct interfacing into the MEC32, 32 bit microprocessor system.
  •  Ease of installation.
  •  Can be commissioned easily within half an hour.
  •  Accurate positioning of the lift to 0.2 mm.
  •  Speed monitoring of the lift.
  •  Reliable and robust system.
  •  Can operate over 120 m at 4 m/sec
  •  Adjustments made in millimetres, metres and metres per second.
  •  Monitors several parameters for safe operation of the lift.
  •  Accurate relevelling.
  •  Silent operation.




ISO Standards

Digital Advanced Controls having been certified to ISO9001, ISO140001 and BSOHAS 180001 over 5 years ago are pleased to anounce certification to the ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 standard for Environmental Management and  ISO45001:2018 standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management.

As part of our quality commitment to our customers to manufacture in a safe and environmentally aware way, and we believe we are the first UK Lift controller manufacturer to achieve all three standards.

 Ensuring you purchase your control system from a committed safe and socially responsible company and team.

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Here at Digital Advanced Control, we believe in giving you more controller for your money, not only do we provide a competitively priced  excellent product, manufactured from branded equipment with excellent backup, we now offer free delivery on control systems.

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 Major retail brands use our lift controllers

Digital Advanced Control has been gaining strong growth in the retail sector where competitive pricing coupled with reliability and safety is paramount to move passengers and stock around busy stores.

 Our lift controllers have been installed in  ASDA , Boots, Forever21 , H&M, McDonnalds, Morrisons, Superdrug, Sainsbury's Tesco, Waitrose, Wilkinson's and WHSmith's stores over the past 12 months both on refurbishment and new lift installations, with control panels installed in major shopping centres including 3 MRL lift control panels at the new Westfield site in Stratford city.